CVS to SVN Conversion, 2009/09/15

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CVS to SVN Conversion, 2009/09/15

Dave Clements, GMOD Help Desk
Hello all,

This is just a reminder that on Tuesday, September 15, Rob Buels will
be moving GMOD's SourceForge source code repository from CVS to SVN.

If you have checked out and modified any code from that repository,
please commit your updates before 3am, Eastern US, on September 15.

Some important bits:
* All projects will be frozen in CVS and will remain available from CVS.
* No new updates will be allowed in CVS.
* All project will be moved to Subversion.
* Inactive projects will be moved to a separate archival directory.

See for full details
and a list of active and inactive projects.


Dave C
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