Fwd: [rt.cpan.org #95209] DBIx::DBSchema::DBD::Pg hardcodes the "public" schema [bug-DBIx-DBSchema@rt.cpan.org]

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Fwd: [rt.cpan.org #95209] DBIx::DBSchema::DBD::Pg hardcodes the "public" schema [bug-DBIx-DBSchema@rt.cpan.org]

Karl O. Pinc

Karl <[hidden email]>
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On Wed Apr 30 10:14:57 2014, [hidden email] wrote:
> Hello,
> DBIx::DBSchema::DBD::Pg hardcodes the "public" schema
> at line 37.

It does.  To be fair, it is the default Pg schema, and (most) other database engines don't have this same concept of namespace slices within a database.

It is also worth pointing out (for the record, I'm sure you know), that the default "public" name is unnecessarily scary.  It is just the default, it isn't more publicly accessible than the database.

> Since we have a PG version > 7.3, and neither have
> nor want a public schema, and if we did would not
> want to put stuff in it, this breaks the module.

Patches are certainly welcome!  Even simply making it accessible as a package global variable would allow you and other folks to override the default.

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