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Job Posting - Bioinformatics Programmer - Xenbase

Jeff Bowes
We are currently seeking a Bioinformatics programmer. Xenbase is a large
scale model organism database combining genomic, developmental and
genetics data. It will use pipelines to other large databases such as
GenBank combined with extensive in-house data curation to store and
analyse information on embryonic development in the frog, Xenopus. This
position provides the opportunity to be involved in the early stages of
development of a model organism database.

Required Skills: The successful candidate must have excellent Perl
programming skills and experience working with BioPerl and/or GMOD/Chado
based applications such as GBrowse. Some background in SQL, relational
databases and XML is also required. Experience with CVS, Java, JSP and
Servlets, Struts, iBatis, DB2, Postgres or WebSphere would be an asset.
Candidates should have at least basic knowledge of molecular and
developmental biology.

Education: This position requires a B.Sc. or M.Sc. (or equivalent) in
Computer Science with a Bioinformatics background or Bioinformatics with
a strong Computer Science component.

Initially, the person hired for this position will work on porting Perl
based GMOD/Chado applications from Postgres to DB2 and integrate them
with other Xenbase applications. They will also work developing data
exchanges with other biological databases and projects. Other
interesting software development opportunities will arise as the project

Strong written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work
well as part of a team are essential. All applicants must currently be
eligible to work in Canada or the U.S. Fluency in English is required.

The position will be located at the University of Calgary in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada. Calgary is a vibrant, multicultural city (population
~1,000,000) near the Rocky Mountains with excellent recreational

Send your resume and cover letter to [hidden email]. Please reference
“Xenbase Bioinformatics Programmer” in the subject line.

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