Looking for someone to lead a Chado/GMOD training day near San Francisco, CA.

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Looking for someone to lead a Chado/GMOD training day near San Francisco, CA.

George Hartzell

Hi All,

I thought of using ‘FREE MONEY’ as my subject line, but was worried about spam filters…. I do have something almost as good though, I need someone to do a Chado/GMOD training day.

One of the groups that I’m working with at Genentech is investigating using Chado and various GMOD tools for a set of related projects. We’re reading papers and googling and playing with GMOD in a Box, and etc…

The group’s leader, Nelson Axelrod, has used Chado-based tools in other projects, but they’re all commercial so he doesn’t have concrete examples to point at. He also has plenty of other balls in the air.

I suggested that we would benefit from spending a hands on day with someone who understands the schema, relevant ontologies, etc… and the motivations that have driven their design as well as having experience using them to manage real data.

We’re particularly interested in sequence feature “stuff” and using the Natural Diversity module to manage a variety of experimental data (e.g. ELISA results from antibody candidates). While the emphasis is on the data storage/modeling end of the tool set, spending a bit of time on user-oriented tools could be interesting.

Whomever we recruit should have good technical chops in the languages and tools at play and not be afraid of real-time conversations and hacking sessions. We’re generally linuxy and mac-y, though there are a few dev’s with windows desktops. Said recruit needn’t be particular senior in any academic sense but should have good Chado/gmod hacker cred and be comfortable in front of a dozen or so bioinfo geeks.

I would like to arrange for someone to be on site in South San Francisco for a day, doing a bit of prepared lecture, some demos and a lot of hands-on code review (yours, not ours) and code-walking. I would expect to support a day’s work or so for prep. I’m open to variations on that theme, e.g. a pair of presenters or a bit more prep time. Exact details are open to discussion.

Finding someone local (or who’s already here for other reasons) would be simpler but travel is possible.  If in doubt, send me a proposal.

I would like this to happen as soon as possible, which probably means early August (late July would be great if all of the ducks would line up, but you know ducks…)

I’d appreciate any suggestions, references and/or leads. Ideally I’d be able to talk to several folks and find a best fit. Feel free to volunteer yourself (or each other) if it’s interesting.




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