New install of Gbrowse in Centos6.4 and problem to access the example yeast database

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New install of Gbrowse in Centos6.4 and problem to access the example yeast database

Hi, Scott

I have newly installed the Gbrowse2 in the Centos6.4.
In the process of installing Gbrowse2 using CPAN, there seems an error about the DBI connection, and I forced to install the Gbrowse2. However, after install, I cannot access the webservice although I close the firewall and open the port 80. Since it seems that Gborwse2 installing process changed the httpd.conf file, so I just recovered the backup httpd.conf file using the httpd.conf.bak file which seems to generate by gbrowse2 installing. After that, webservice works fine, and I can acess the gbrowse2 page. However, when I click the example yeast database, it shows an "internal server error", and unable to access it. I checked the httpd error logs, it likes bellow (IP address is hidden):

[Fri Apr 14 09:33:43 2017] [error] [client] Undefined subroutine &Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Render::multi_param called at /usr/local/lib64/perl5/Bio/Graphics/Browser2/Render.pm line 2361., referer: http://159.226.1xx.1xx/gbrowse2/
[Fri Apr 14 09:33:43 2017] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: gbrowse, referer: http://159.226.1xx.1xx/gbrowse2/

 So, I dont know is the issue comes from the installing of Gbrowse2 or from the misconfiguration of httpd.conf, and how to let the gbrowse2 works?

Thank you very much.


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