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[SPAM] A Cry For Help.


My name is  Rhoda Tahir Kenyan nationality but presently in Ghana. I am looking for some one who can help me invest huge some of money outside Africa in a lucrative business that will yield good interest, My father was killed last year in the Kenya mall bombing and as the next of kin  i have all the documents covering all his investment both in Kenyan and outside Kenyan, before he died i went to Ghana with him where he made a deposit of two boxes containing 25.5million dollars kept in a safe deposit house which i have all the documents with me and it is only known to me and my mother.

Now my mother has asked me to look for some one trustworthy to assist us to invest the money, and now my fathers family have seized every other properties from us but left with this funds only because they do not have any knowledge of it. Me and my mother will give 10% to any one who can help us invest the funds and put the rest into investment we can share interest yearly and also help me and my mother to come over to your country and live there and continue our live.Please keep this as a privacy for us to avoid my fathers family from knowing about it.

Kindly let me know if you are ready to help us .


Rhoda Tahir.

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